What is Project Warmth’s website:

Where can I find other links?

Where can I find Project Warmth on social media?
Facebook handle: http://www.projectwarmthkc.com/
Twitter handle:   @ProjectWarmthKC

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/27013416/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ProjectWarmthKC

Can you provide me with an overview of Project Warmth KC?
Project Warmth is an initiative to collect new and gently used coats and blankets as well as cash donations to help people in need during extremely cold weather. The Midwest’s extreme conditions during severe weather—hot or cold—prompted the effort to help people in need. Ultimately, Project Warmth aims to ensure lives are not lost to frigid cold or sweltering heat.

A significant portion of the funds raised by Project Warmth’s year-round charitable effort also helps with expensive air conditioning/utility bills in the hot summer months as well as the cold weather heating/utility bills in the winter.

All items collected are distributed free of charge to recipients by The Salvation Army. All financial donations are managed and distributed to more than 65 qualifying agencies in the eight-county metropolitan area through the Mid America Assistance Coalition.

How long has Project Warmth been around?
For more than 35 years.  Project Warmth was founded in 1982 and 2018 will be the 36th year for Project Warmth in Kansas City.

How did Project Warmth KC get started?
During the early 1980’s two major weather events adversely affected Kansas City and the safety of our residents.  These were the Great Heat Wave of 1980 and the Frigid Deep Freeze of December 1983 (which was the catalyst for Project Warmth).  The 1980 Heat Wave started on July 5th and for seventeen consecutive days the temperature topped over 100 degrees daily in Kansas City ( http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article156696759.html).  In December 1983 Kansas City had weeks of below zero (like  -17 degrees Fahrenheit or colder) record setting temperatures. In both of the major weather conditions events there was loss of life and severe suffering for our citizens in KC.

Four independent newspaper carriers decided they would like to collect blankets on Saturday’s and coordinate with The  Salvation Army for distribution.   Within the early 1980’s, an era of both severe cold and extreme heat environment. Project Warmth evolved from the efforts of our area citizens to protect and to provide blankets and coats for those affected by the extreme cold weather.  A year later, The Kansas City Star joined forces with KCTV5’s Heat for Life program and Project Warmth Kansas City has partnered to “Comfort Kansas City” ever since. These two media companies along with several other local leaders and businesses have rallied the community to help its neighbors through severe weather conditions by raising close to $8 million and thousands of tons of coats and blankets over the past 35 years.

This is why it would be very appropriate to extend the Project Warmth fund raising and programs that it funds to encompassing both the summer and year round projects for our area residents in need of these services.

Who were the four newspaper carriers that started Project Warmth KC?
Walt Bacher, Bernie Hiller, Frank Solomon and Tom Gabel were independent newspaper carriers for The Kansas City Star.   One of them (Bernie Hiller) went to his district manager (Rob Dodson) who made arrangements with The Kansas City Star.  It was later renamed Project Warmth Kansas City.


Does Project Warmth have employees?
No, Project Warmth is an umbrella organization consisting entirely of volunteers.

The coats and blankets are distributed by The Salvation Army working with agencies located in the greater Kansas City area.  Mid America Assistance Coalition coordinates distribution of all funds from financial donations.  These donations assist with rent and utilities.

If you don’t have employees, how is Project Warmth run?
In 2012, a formal advisory group organized to ensure annual success and improve transparent accountability. The Project Warmth Advisory Committee was formed with representatives from the following organizations: The Kansas City Star, KCTV5, Mid America Assistance Coalition, The Salvation Army and Tension Corporation. By working with local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations to handle the collection and distribution of both funds and items, Project Warmth can ensure its donors, volunteers and sponsors of responsible, accountable and transparent management of their investments.

Who are the distributing agencies?
The Salvation Army is in charge of distributing coats, blankets and other clothing items that we receive.

Mid America Assistance Coalition is in charge of distributing money for assistance with rent and utilities.

Who are the presenting (media) partners?
The Kansas City Star and KCMO/KCTV5

What other businesses are corporate sponsors?
Tension Corporation, Andrews Distribution and Dean Realty are each key corporate sponsors.

Are other businesses involved?
Yes, many businesses host their own coat and blanket collection drive.  They then drop off their donations to one of the drop-off spots on the first Saturday of November.

In addition, in 2017, Prime Sleep collected coats and blankets for several weeks and delivered their donations directly to our warehouse.

Are my donations tax-deductible?
While all donations are tax-deductible, please consult with your financial advisor on any changes to tax laws and how they might impact you.

Do you have any blogs, articles or videos about Project Warmth KC?


What all is going on the day of collection?
Throughout the metro area, 8 different locations will be accepting donations from 9am to 3pm on the first Saturday in November each and every year.  Volunteers will be staffing each location to accept gently used coats and blankets.  While we accept other clothing items, the greatest need is coats and blankets.
Typically, how much do you receive?  How does that compare to need?

How can I donate clothing items?
A collection is held each year on the first Saturday of November; for a list of this year’s donation locations, please visit http://www.projectwarmthkc.com/drop-off-locations/

Are there times I can donate clothing other than the first Saturday of November?
During the Spring Project Warmth KC Telethon at KCTV5 on Apr. 11, 2018, there will be a drop-off at KCTV5 News Kansas City (4500 Shawnee Mission Pkwy, Fairway, KS 66205) from 8:30am to 5pm.

If the collection is not active but I still have items to donate, what should I do?
While the Project Warmth collection drive is closed, donations can still be dropped off at any Salvation Army Thrift Store.   While these donations will not be distributed to metro agencies, the money raised from selling these donations will benefit our metro area through utility help, rent assistance and much much more!

You can drop off donations to any of The Salvation Army’s local Family Store & Donation Centers, which are located at the following addresses:

Our annual Project Warmth collection will be on the first Saturday of November.

Where can I make a financial donation?
You can still visit http://www.projectwarmthkc.com/donate/ if you would like to make a financial donation to Project Warmth Kansas City.  Thank you for helping someone feel warm inside and out.

Also, look for the donation envelopes (provided by Tension Corporation) in The Kansas City Star on the first Sunday of December.

Whether or not you have the envelope from The Star, you can mail your donation to:
Project Warmth KC
c/o Mid America Assistance Coalition
One West Armour Blvd., Ste. 301
Kansas City, MO 64111

When is Project Warmth doing its telethon?
A Project Warmth Kansas City spring telethon took place on KCTV5 on Wednesday, April 11.  Check back for updates for future telethons.

Why does Project Warmth have a spring telethon?
“Project Warmth, No Matter the Season” brings attention to the fact that heat can be as dangerous as the cold.

How will donations be collected?
Through Greater Giving; credit cards will be entered directly into the website rather than having anyone write down your credit card number.

Where do financial contributions go?
Mid America Assistance Coalition coordinates distribution of all funds from financial donations.
About 60% will go to housing (rent assistance) while the remainder is used in the area of heating and utilities.

What % of financial donations actually go to those in need / what administrative fees exist?
The Salvation Army and Mid America Assistance Coalition each receive $5,000 management fees.  Beyond that $10,000 in fees, all funds raised are distributed by MAAC to those in need.  None of the money raised goes to the Presenting or Corporate Sponsors.

So, what are those management fees for?
The Salvation Army receives $5,000 to manage the coat and blanket collection and distribution.  MAAC receives the annual fee to manage the dollar collections as well as manage and distribute the funds to those in need of rent and utility assistance.

What do the Presenting Sponsors and Corporate Sponsors contribute to Project Warmth?

I know someone in need of a coat, blanket or financial assistance.  Can you help me?
All donations are distributed through agencies.  Please contact United Way 2-1-1 to request assistance from one of the participating organizations.

I have a question that you didn’t answer here; can you help me?
For more information, please send an email to info@projectwarmthkc.com and one of our volunteers will answer as soon as possible.