Comforting Kansas City
in Severe Weather
Coat & Blanket Collection

About Project Warmth

Project Warmth KC Collection WarehouseProject Warmth is an initiative to collect new and gently used coats and blankets as well as cash donations to help people in need during extremely cold weather. The Midwest’s extreme conditions during severe weather—hot or cold—prompted the effort to help people in need. Ultimately, Project Warmth aims to ensure lives are not lost to frigid cold or sweltering heat.

A significant portion of the funds raised by Project Warmth’s year-round charitable effort also helps with expensive air conditioning/utility bills in the hot summer months as well as the cold weather heating/utility bills in the winter.

All items collected are distributed free of charge to recipients by The Salvation Army. All financial donations are managed and distributed to more than 65 qualifying agencies in the eight-county metropolitan area through the Mid America Assistance Coalition.

2016 Collection Results
10,000 + Coats
3,500 + Blankets
4,000+ Hats, Gloves, Scarves

Our History – Comforting Kansas City for 35 Years in 2017!

The Kansas City Star started our mission under the name Project Warmth in 1982 by organizing the first citywide coat and blanket drive. Joining forces under Project Warmth as the favored name, KCTV5’s Heat for Life program and The Kansas City Star have partnered to “Comfort Kansas City” since 1983. These two media companies along with several other local leaders and businesses have rallied the community to help its neighbors through severe weather conditions by raising close to $8 million and thousands of tons of coats and blankets over the past 35 years.

In 2012, a formal advisory group organized to ensure annual success and improve transparent accountability. The Project Warmth Advisory Committee was formed with representatives from the following organizations: The Kansas City Star, KCTV5, Mid America Assistance Coalition, The Salvation Army and Tension Corporation. By working with local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations to handle the collection and distribution of both funds and items, Project Warmth can ensure its donors, volunteers and sponsors of responsible, accountable and transparent management of their investments.

All donations are tax-deductible.